ED3N™ Begins Its NFT Evolution From The Ground Up

3 min readMar 31, 2022

Tamagotchi-style project incorporates Earthworm Jim cosmos into an evolving art project

California, USA / March 31, 2022 It all begins with cans of dirt. ED3N™, developed in conjunction with the creative team from the Earthworm Jim TV series, is a brand new evolutionary NFT project that sees The Lizard Dominion manufacture and distribute cans of terraforming dirt from the far corners of the galaxy.

As the Lizard Dominion have expanded their grip across the stars, they’ve taken the opportunity to ship their terraforming cans through stellar gates. Inside each 3D rendered can (complete with its own origins and lore) is a programmatically generated single seed or larva from an alien planet. Users can open their cans to discover the digital organism inside and whether a plant or larva, each will grow and develop in real time thanks to the soil’s unique mineral characteristics. Through interaction and gameplay users will be able to evolve the can’s contents into something far greater. They’ll also need to consider hunger, thirst, sunlight, and radiation to keep their seed or larva happy and healthy.

Incorporating science and genetic data into the smart contract and game engine that powers ED3N™, cans of dirt may eventually grow into rich gardens or strange alien jungles, with users then able to simulate their lives, force mutations or transplant their creatures and plantlife to the metaverse planets of others. The ultimate goal? To discover, trade and create complex alien creatures, trees or spores.

Beginning this Spring, NFT’s in the series will represent 60 planets from the Earthworm Jim TV Series universe — with multiple variations of cans available per planet — bringing the total number of NFT’s in the collection to 10,000. Combining cutting edge blockchain technology through the Ethereum & Polygon network, alongside tamagotchi-style gameplay, owners will be able to showcase or trade their can on a metaverse platform of their choosing in preparation for their evolutions.

ED3N’s smart plants and creatures and their first stages of evolution are leading the way in how owners will use, interact and trade their NFT’s, with the possibilities of an ever-changing, ever-growing metaverse set to redefine how we see and interact with the technology. ED3N’s White List to mint the NFTs is now open, and minting for White Listed accounts will begin soon.. What will your can grow into?

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